KELE continues the spiritful legacy of Pineapple Tarts and pastries with our business commencement in Singapore 30 years ago. In 2013, KELE’s pineapple tarts were voted the best in Singapore during a competition held by a local shopping mall. The following year, KELE’s pineapple tarts were featured in a renowned airline’s travel magazine Silver Kris

In our quest to be the Singapore brand for pineapple tarts, KELE is dedicated to using the best quality ingredients in making delectable products as souvenirs for our customers.

Today we continue to be blessed with loyal patrons who keep coming back for our products. We have in the process built good rapport and relations with our customers, listening to them, valuing their feedback and opinions. This helps us keep our feet on the ground, constantly improving our products based on the collective sentiments of our customers. In similar fashion, some of our popular items such as the durian cakes,mooncakes and pastries were created and re-created in some sense “with our customers”.

Fundamentally our business remains firmly anchored in the principle of offering “quality cakes and pastries made from quality ingredients” and we will uphold that conviction, striving always to bring to our customers creative and delectable cakes and pastries.


As early as 1593, pineapples were brought into Malaya from South America by the renowned Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus. The years that followed saw widespread pineapple plantations in Singapore which resulted in the country becoming an important center of the global pineapple-canning industry. Did you know that the northern part of Singapore, the present Yishun Town, used to be a big pineapple plantation?

The creation of pineapple tarts was largely attributed to the Peranakans who were strongly influenced by the Portuguese settlers in Malaya, who in turn were well-known for their pastries and tarts. With the abundance of pineapples in the area, it was being turned into pineapple jam/paste. Combining the pastries and pineapple paste gave birth to the popular pineapple tarts today.

In Hokkien and Cantonese dialect, pineapple translates to “Ong Lai” which means “Prosperity Come” and to add, pineapple is golden in its rawest form, therefore giving these tarts to your loved ones signify the Gift of Gold and wishes of prosperity.

As pineapple tarts are synonymous with prosperity and good fortune, it has gained immense popularity as a gift for families, friends and business associates. Singaporeans visiting their friends overseas have a preference for pineapple tarts because it is delectable and encompasses the historical and cultural aspects of Singapore.

Let your family and friends enjoy a piece of Singapore’s history and culture with this “Gift of Prosperity” – Kele Pineapple Tarts!